Central Park concert ended early due to… | Latitude Festival linked to over 1000 COVID cases | The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally...take 2

Central Park concert ended early due to…

Nope, not COVID...weather. We Love NYC: The Homecoming Concert didn’t exactly go according to plan. The event that was supposed to mark New York City’s official reopening, came to a screeching halt about halfway through the star studded performances. Attendees, all of whom were vaccinated with at least one dose (unless they weren’t eligible), were asked to leave Central Park in advance of the approaching weather. It really shouldn’t have come as a shock. Hurricanes were barreling toward the east coast and it was only a matter of time before the thunder and lightning began rolling in.

Central Park - New York City, New York

The concert itself was the final act of a weeklong celebration which included a wide variety of live entertainment. Rising COVID cases, wildfires, flooding and a number of other challenges being faced around the world had some people, including Mother Nature it seems, questioning what there was to celebrate, but in the end, the show went on, if only for a little while.

Latitude Festival linked to over 1000 COVID cases

Latitude Festival, one of the UK’s Events Research Programme pilots, took place in late July. Just over a month later, the findings are being reported and it’s not great news. Reports indicate that over 1,000 people tested positive for COVID following the festival despite the requirement to produce a negative test or full vaccination status upon entry. The Independent reported that at least 400 people had infections while attending the event which resulted in over 600 people contracting the virus at some point during the course of the 4 day festival.

Latitude Festival - Suffolk, UK

At nearly 40,000 attendees daily, this was the largest festival to take place in the UK at the time. In alignment with government regulations, once inside, attendees were not required to wear masks or social distance. No indication has been made regarding the vaccination status of those that tested positive following the festival; however, it begs the question of whether event professionals should be going above and beyond government guidelines to keep attendees and staff safe from the ongoing threat of COVID.

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally...take 2

In more terrible news, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, yes the one that was deemed a superspreader event in 2020, took place again this year. The rising number of COVID cases currently impacting the entirety of the United States was not a deterrent for the hundreds of thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts that made the annual, and in more than a few cases, cross country, drive. The opportunity to mix and mingle with other like-minded individuals was just too strong, overpowering common sense.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally - Sturgis, North Dakota

Last year’s rally is said to have been the source of “widespread transmission” across 25 states and this year saw even more visitors (525,768 vehicles to be exact). South Dakota is experiencing a huge increase in infections. It’s still too early to tell if the rally was responsible for the sudden spike, but…