It was over before it even began | Say goodbye to that shoebox full of ticket stubs | Severe weather strikes again

It was over before it even began

The UK government has done a complete 180 and announced earlier this week that the plan to introduce vaccine passports will not be moving forward. Originally set to take effect in England at the end of September, anyone looking to attend large festivals, dance the night away at a club or gain admission to other large venues would have been required to show proof of vaccination, period. The statement made in July by Prime Minister Boris Johnson faced heavy criticism and incited more than a few protests.


Health Secretary Sajid Javid made the announcement on September 12th and pointed to the high vaccination rate as justification for scrapping the policy. Though, he added a caveat that the plan is still in the arsenal and may be implemented come fall or winter, if needed. The abrupt change came as a bit of a shock; just last week, officials were still advocating the planned implementation at the end of the month.

While unexpected, the announcement is welcomed by the nighttime industry. The challenges surrounding implementation and the discrimination factor had many in the entertainment industry worried about the ability to continue to operate from a financial perspective. Some are still requiring proof of negative status (vaccinations or negative tests) to gain entry, but the decision is being left up to the owners and organizers.

Say goodbye to that shoebox full of ticket stubs

Amazon One, palm-recognition technology created by, you guessed it...Amazon, will soon be used to gain access into venues across the United States. Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver will become the first venue outside of Amazon’s retail outlets to implement the new technology. Beginning Tuesday, concert goers will be able to register their palm print just outside the venue. You only have to do it once to simply use your hand to enter any venue that has embraced the new tech and uses AEG’s ticketing system, AXS.

red rocks amphitheater

This contactless technology solution comes at a time when hygiene is still at the center of the conversation about the safety of large-scale events. Amazon and AXS execs are confident the Amazon One will be a more convenient and quicker solution to gain entry to the venue. Others are skeptical about the public’s willingness to hand over (see what we did there) their biometric data to the tech giant.

First it was digital tickets and now all you need is your hand (which is hopefully still attached to your body).

Severe weather strikes again

Imagine Music Festival should have been getting underway today, but mother nature had other plans. Just weeks after Hurricane Ida hit the east coast, Hurricane Nicholas came barreling toward the gulf coast. While the hurricane has been downgraded to a tropical depression, Chattahoochee Hills in Georgia is currently experiencing a significant amount of rainfall making it unsafe and forcing the organizers to cancel.


The announcement expresses the team’s disappointment, comes with heartfelt apologies and explains the reasoning behind the tough decision. “Our public safety team, nationally acclaimed meteorologists, local authorities, and our team of experienced directors have determined severe weather for Chattahoochee Hills is imminent and will cause extremely hazardous conditions that are unsafe for guests and staff."