Industry Updates

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Industry Update | November 6

Singapore reopens indoor venues, bubble concerts could be blowing up and the UK raves on.

Industry Update | October 30

Ticketing failures lead to chaos, #WeMakeEvents is still at it, Wimbledon 2021 is a go and a bit of good news for indoor events.

Industry Update | October 23

Singapore to initiate rapid testing to aid in the return of live events and calls for insurance support from the government in Australia and the UK.

Industry Update | October 9

Northern England's possible return to lockdown life, live music in London, #WeMakeEvents was at it again and Coachella 2021 may be postponed

Industry Update | October 2

15 minute tests, Florida is at it again (thanks to the Stanley Cup final), there's a marathon in London and festivals are forging ahead

Industry Update | September 25

Events are further away in England, Tour de France has it's champion, the Tennis Open (the European one this time) and Bonnaroo is now Virtual ROO-ALITY

Industry Update | September 18

Repurposed tour buses, Bundesliga begins tonight, no more concerts in north-east England and the nightlife in Tokyo is struggling
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