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Back to Live | “Freedom Day” Delay | SVOG

The Netherlands is getting Back to Live | Tentative reopening for England is now July 19 | Most US venues still waiting on SVOG funding

NYC’s Mega-concert | Possible Delays in the UK | Coachella 2022

“The Official NYC Homecoming Concert in Central Park” (working title) | England isn’t out of the woods just yet | Coachella 2022 sold out in just over 4 hours

ACL Sold Out...FAST | Indie venues are in trouble | Events Research Programme - Phase 2

Austin City Limits sold out in record time | The US Government’s COVID relief bill still hasn’t delivered | The UK gets ready to rock during ERP phase 2

Lollapalooza is a go | “Work it out” | UK Roadmap on Track

4 days, 8 stages, 170 bands | #CarryOnTouring UK-EU Summit to urge government to “work it out” | Initial findings from the Events Research Programme look solid

UK Grassroots venues prepare for reopening | Live shows in LA and NY | Pilot gig hosts 5,000 fans

Revive Live | Live from New York...and LA| Festival Republic hosts major outdoor gig

#Vax4Live | EU Covid-19 Certificates | MLB

US live industry encourages vaccinations | EU parliament votes in favor of Covid passports | California MLB teams remove social distancing requirements (for some)

US Recovery Fund Delay | Euro 2020 | UK Government Insurance

US venues are still waiting for support | Euro 2020 capacity requirements have some cities too nervous to host | The government backed insurance battle rages on in the UK
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