The year-long shutdown and lingering threat of another lockdown have even the most introverted among us craving social contact. Unfortunately, we still don’t know when it will be safe to bump elbows with complete strangers while we dance and sing along with our favorite bands. As we patiently await the day we can ditch the masks and cheer for our favorite teams, it will be no easy feat navigating the ever changing restrictions while still managing to keep the magic of live entertainment intact.

The pandemic has left the events industry in a tight spot (sometimes literally). Social distancing means bigger challenges and less space available for fans, but some organizers have been experimenting and have discovered some pretty interesting ways to get their shows back on the road. From space bubble concerts to vertical theatres, here are a few interesting ways to enforce social distancing guidelines and keep your fans safe.

Think outside the box...

Your search for a fun, out of the box idea for your fans to be socially distanced is over! Two words: space bubbles. They’re plastic, inflatable and have a striking resemblance to your little brother's hampster ball and the entire audience gets one! No one can burst your space bubble now (literally).

This is nothing new for the Flaming Lips. Their lead singer, Wayne Coyne, has been bouncing above the crowd since the band’s performance at Coachella in 2004. Now COVID safe concert regulations have turned the tables and it’s the crowd rocking their world in the space bubbles.

A few years ago this would’ve been the strangest idea ever. Now it's cutting edge and innovative. Who could have guessed...  

You don't even have to get out of the car.

Fashion isn’t the only 1950s trend making a comeback. Drive-In events are becoming the new (or should we say old) way of carrying out events. From concerts to car-a-oke, these event professionals have thought of a ton of ways to fuel your fans with entertainment (see what we did there?).

Who said anything about empty seats?

Imagine yourself at an arena, watching an intense sports game, sitting next to your celebrity crush. You even get a picture with them! Too good to be true. is. You’re sitting next to their cardboard cut out.

Places all over the world are welcoming fans back by reducing their capacity and filling empty spaces using human sized cutouts, mannequins, blow up dolls and more. There’s no end to creativity.

Can't expand outwards? Go upwards!

The Vertical Theatre Group came up with a COVID acceptable structured venue designed for social distancing called...get ready for it...the Vertical Theatre. The venue has a roof and adjustable sides for routined ventilation and can hold a maximum of 2,400 guests who are divided into groups of 4-12 on balconies overlooking the stage in the open center.

We hope your artists don't get dizzy.

Event organizers of Good Day Sunshine music festival also created unique idea with their rotating stage. The festival site features a field divided into four sections, each with a maximum of 1,250 people and a rotating stage connecting them in the center. Each quadrant had its own entrance, exit, bar, etc. to ensure that there is no contact with people from other sections and video screens so they never miss a second of the performance.  

Around the globe, the industry is stepping up to the challenge COVID has thrust upon us and coming up with creative and innovative ways to raise events from the ashes. We’ve entered a new world and it’s time to adapt and flourish as an industry.