Astroworld mega lawsuit | WonderRoad | Omicron

Astroworld mega lawsuit | WonderRoad to launch in Indy | Europe is bracing for the Omicron variant

You're not alone. Check out these common causes for event cancellations

While COVID has been the main cause of cancellations these past two years, it hasn’t always been to blame!

5 Tips for Planning a Successful Event

As a team with experienced event organizers ourselves, we’ve compiled 5 general tips to consider when planning your next event.

O2 | LoL canceled | Foo Fighters vs. Huntington Bank Arena

Ticketless fans break into O2 | League of Legends All-Star event canceled | Foo Fighters drop Huntington Bank Arena show

Pandemics and event cancellation insurance | why isn't COVID-19 covered?

Unsurprisingly, the event cancellation insurance market has forever changed because of the pandemic.

Melbourne reopens | Mexico city comes alive | Houston festival returns

Australian state emerges from longest lockdown | Mexico City celebrates Día de los Muertos | Texas mainstream festival hosted in Houston

Beijing Olympics 2022 | Festivals vs. Concerts | EDC Las Vegas 2021

The Beijing Olympic Games are less than 100 days away | Music festivals are the driving force behind return to live | EDC Las Vegas is back
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