“The Official NYC Homecoming Concert in Central Park” (working title) | England isn’t out of the woods just yet | Coachella 2022 sold out in just over 4 hours

“The Official NYC Homecoming Concert in Central Park” (working title)

It’s still early days for the August 21st (tentative) concert but it was announced this week that the Great Lawn of Central Park will host 60,000 fans for 8 “iconic” performances in a single evening. The “mega-concert” is intended to welcome the city back to its pre-pandemic glory. According to Mayor Bill de Blasio, the concert will serve as the culmination of a “Homecoming Week” celebration for the City of New York. There’s no word yet on who will be included in the lineup, but Live Nation has signed on and the legendary Clive Davis is in charge of production.

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The New York Times reported around 70% of the tickets issued (which will be free unless you’re looking for a VIP experience) will go to fully vaccinated individuals and there will be a separate seating section for non-vaccinated attendees. No other COVID related measures have yet been determined. It’s expected the show will be televised live around the world and we’re certainly interested to see the talent Davis and his crew will be able to secure on such short notice.

England isn’t out of the woods just yet

Rumors have been swirling that England’s reopening roadmap has hit a stall and the remaining restrictions (which largely affect the events and nighttime industries) won’t be lifted as expected come June 21. A recent surge in COVID cases due to yet another variant is threatening the reopening plan and the UK government is on high alert. When the plan was initially announced it was categorically confirmed that there would be no going back, and it’s this irreversibility that’s fueling the hesitation to implement the 4th and final step.

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In light of the possible third wave and despite the optimistic announcements late last month surrounding the findings from Phase I of the Events Research Programme, it now seems the UK government is taking a step back and claiming the results are "insufficient in scale, scope and study designs". The official announcement on the possible delay is expected on June 14, but the industry could be looking at another 4 weeks of uncertainty.

Some in the industry are ripe for a fight and willing to take whatever punishment comes their way should they choose to defy the as yet unconfirmed decision to postpone step 4. The survival of so many businesses hinges on June 21 being the date they can finally resume their operation and if that doesn’t happen they could be in dire jeopardy of permanent closure.

Coachella 2022 sold out in just over 4 hours

After rescheduling to October and subsequently canceling in both 2020 and 2021, Coachella’s new dates of April 15-17 and April 22-24 of next year were announced on June 1st. Tickets for the 2022 installment of Coachella went on sale a few days later and sold out in 4 hours. Pre-sale tickets went online at 10am with the remainder becoming available to the public at 2pm. By 2:16pm, tickets were sold out.

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The lineup has yet to be announced but that didn’t stop fans from clambering for any remaining tickets not carried over from the 2020 festival. In a normal year, Goldenvoice releases pre-sale tickets in the summer and anything left is made available after the lineup is announced in January. Looks like that won’t be necessary next year.