Owners and players unable to reach an agreement | A brief update on how the invasion of Ukraine has impacted the live event industry

Take me out to the ball game

The MLB’s opening day along with the first two regular season series for each team have been canceled. Fans were getting excited for the March 31st return of America’s favorite pastime, but as the end of February approached, hope for a normal season faded.

major league baseball (MLB) game

Players and owners have reached a stalemate concerning the new version of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The prior deal expired on December 1st, 2021 with the owners declaring a lockout the following day. As no solution has yet to be reached, the lockout continues and has thus resulted in 91 games being removed from the schedule.

Negotiations regarding the changes began back in April of 2021. The Collective Bargaining Agreement covers the employment and financial aspects of the game, including minimum salaries, drug testing, arbitration and free agency. Ultimately, the dispute all comes down to money. Players feel league owners have been continuing to profit without sharing the wealth with the men on the field and they’re tired of it.

The latest on the invasion of Ukraine

A number of events scheduled throughout Russia have been canceled or moved to other host countries. Leagues are banning Russian athletes from participating in international events.  Live Nation, among others, have vowed to cease doing business with the country. People all over the world are showing support for Ukraine by abandoning any and all ties to Russia.

Just a few of the headlines:

Ukraine flag

Event professionals in Ukraine and surrounding countries are once again proving their ability to stay cool under pressure. Event sites have been transformed into shelters and promoters have utilized their skills to provide humanitarian support. We hope for a swift end to this devastation and we stand with Ukraine.