Event management doesn't need to be so complicated; right now, it is one of the toughest jobs around. With Eve, easier Event Management becomes a reality.

An event requires months of planning, from setting budgets to securing a venue; coordinating details with team members, contractors, artists and vendors; risk assessments, ticketing/entrance management and much more. All resulting in thousands of email threads, phone calls, spreadsheets, and briefs.

And, despite all the coordination, even the most skilled and experienced event manager knows the feeling of dread when the inevitable happens: something goes wrong – maybe a contractor doesn’t deliver, or unexpected rain occurs at an outdoor event.
Once the initial panic wears off, there is a scrambled rush of emails and phone calls to mitigate the problem before the event is ruined.

Following the event, Event Managers move on, often with little more than attendance numbers & revenue, and a gut feeling for how big of a success or failure the event was. Without a deeper analysis, Event Managers have little opportunity to improve or optimize the next event.

There should be an easier way to plan events. One that is structured. One that is stress-free. One that is – dare we say it – fun.

So we set out to build a solution with a team that not only has over 20 years combined experience in event management, but with the expertise in actually creating software, with over 12 years in Software Development.
We focused on what would have made our jobs easier over the years, building prototypes and thinking of ways to create a complete solution for the industry.
Then, we brought in major industry leaders to test it, give us feedback and insights about what would help them in their jobs, the tasks that could be automated to save time and more.
All this hard work and feedback has allowed us to create Eve, which can now make your hard work that much easier.

Introducing Eve, your event planning assistant.

Eve is designed to help Event Managers and their teams plan better events, supporting them every step of the way, from conception & planning, through execution and to an end of season review.


Best of all, Eve reduces the workload by digitizing and automating the existing event management process, eliminating the email threads and spreadsheets and making it easy to adopt into existing workflows. Within one simple platform, Event Managers can keep track of all aspects of their event, including open tasks, progress, feedback and flagged potential issues before they even happen.


How Eve works

The set up is simple: create an event and add your team. Eve currently works best helping you live at your events.

Secure your event more than ever before, with real-time management of Accreditation. Keep track of the who, what and when at your event site, with the ability to revoke their access at any time.

Document and solve problems together. Keep your entire team informed on incidents as they happen live at your event. Track and update their progress, then when something doesn't go according to plan, Eve will send automatic, real-time notifications so that you can correct course, stress-free.

Location scouting done automatically in seconds, eliminating weeks of research for the perfect venue or forecasting potential ticket sales. Eve studies historical events to forecast deadlines, assign the right tasks to the right members of the team, and more. During the event, Eve will help with real time management of accreditation to control who enters and exits your event so that there are no security flaws.

Learn from your experiences with in-depth analysis of your events, offering valuable insights. Eve learns from your experiences to automatically help your next be an even bigger victory.

This is just the beginning...

Eve already can change the way you plan events, forever - particularly for those managing large events, concerts and festivals. But Eve doesn’t end here.

Our official launch focused on building core features that will make Event Managers lives easier immediately, but this is just the beginning. Eve is constantly receiving updates adding new features and expanding across all types of events, from Weddings and Conferences, even through to Film shoots, all to improve the lives of Event Managers across the globe.

Learn more about the exciting things we're currently working on here.

Get your Earlybird ticket

In true event fashion, we have an Earlybird discount for event managers that sign up to Eve before the 30th April. The Earlybird ticket includes unlimited events and users, support, future updates and the ability to provide feedback to shape the future of the product, all for just $199 per month for the first 12 months[1].

Secure your Earlybird ticket today with a free 7-day trial, with no credit card required and no obligation.

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  1. $199pm billed annually, $249pm billed monthly ↩︎