Oxford Economics confirms the importance of live | All eyes on Lolla | Things are looking up for the UK

Oxford Economics confirms the importance of live

At the behest of Live Nation, Oxford Economics published a report earlier this week that discloses the importance of the live music industry in the battle for economic recovery in the US. Live entertainment falls in the top 10 industries with the highest impact on the US economy.

crew at live concert

Some of the key findings from 2019 include the industry’s creation of nearly 1 million jobs, the direct contribution of $55.2 billion to local economies with an overall impact of 132.6 billion and the “total fiscal impact” of $17.5 billion from federal, state and local taxes. According to the report, “If an out-of-town attendee were to spend $100.00 on a concert ticket, the local economy would benefit from an additional $334.92 in spending, resulting in a total spending impact of $434.92.” (Check out our post on grassroots venues for more about the domino effect of live entertainment in local communities.)

Download the full report here.

All eyes on Lolla

Lollapalooza kicked off yesterday in Chicago. In normal times, over 100,000 people would be in attendance each day of the festival. Despite being a nearly sold out festival, it’s unclear if the attendance will reach that number given the current COVID circumstances.

Lollapalooza posters

Original guidelines required proof of a negative test within 24 hours of arrival at the festival grounds which would have required daily testing for individuals with multi-day passes, however, recent changes have upped that number to 72 hours. Four-day pass holders will still be required to test twice over the course of the weekend but the change reduces the burden on testing centers in the area. Some health professionals are questioning the decision to make restrictions less strict considering the rising cases and nature of the delta variant, but organizers of the festival have been working closely with the city and health officials who have deemed these requirements sufficient. Unvaccinated individuals are required to wear masks, but once inside the grounds, it’s understandably difficult to police.

Tens of thousands of people are expected to descend upon the city over the course of the weekend and there around 15 states which require negative COVID tests, vaccines or quarantines upon arrival in Chicago, though there’s no indication of how this is being enforced. This is one of the largest events to take place in the US since the start of the pandemic and the world will be watching, and hoping, Lollapalooza doesn’t become the next superspreader.

Things are looking up for the UK

Finally some good news for the UK live entertainment sector. The government has decided to remove quarantine requirements for US and EU travelers that have been fully vaccinated. While there still hasn’t been any headway on the visa front, beginning on August 2nd, international talent will be able to enter England without the added disruption of quarantines and additional testing expenses.

international arrivals at Heathrow

A test before departure from the originating country as well as a PCR test after arrival will still be required. Even so, the removal of the necessity to isolate for at least 5 days, along with the test to release requirement, will allow tours to resume and reduce the complexity of scheduling shows throughout the country and across international borders.