Dolla Dolla Bills Ya'll, the US Open, Hotel Concerts and the French are Forging Ahead

Germany’s doling out money 💵

The German Government has stepped up for event organizers, pledging a portion of the €1 billion Restart Culture stimulus package to concerts and festivals. €80 million of the €150 million that was allocated to music will be distributed to cover events from October 2020 to August 2021. Even though major events are currently still banned in Germany until at least November, the funds will be distributed to cover future event costs. The amount organizers will receive is dependent upon the number of events held between 2017 and 2019 as well as the average attendance.

On a side note, a further €27 million is earmarked for small and medium-sized live music venues. While there’s still a lot to be done, this is welcome news for the live music industry.

The US Open is ON 🎾

Since mid-August, Tennis pros from all over the world have been flocking to New York City, home of the US Open for over 100 years. While not forced into a 2 week quarantine, a majority of the athletes were sequestered in a Long Island hotel during the weeks leading up to the tournament, which began on Monday without all of the usual fanfare.

The entire thing is being called a “grand experiment” as it's the first major sporting event in New York since the city was ravaged by the pandemic earlier this year. The success or failure of the event will have a big impact on the fall lineup of the sports calendar which includes the golfer’s US Open, a potential playoff series for the Yankees and the return of the NHL and NBA.

Wanna hear some live music 🎤? Head to a hotel...

Forget the drive-ins and fenced in platforms…the next iteration of social distanced concerts has arrived. Now all you need to do is book a room for the show! A hospitality professional and a live event veteran have teamed up and pitched the idea of hosting live concerts at hotels where concert goers can watch the show from the comfort of their private balconies. There are only a few places throughout the US that could accommodate this type of event, but it seems like a viable option to get musicians back to work, hotels back in operation and people back to being entertained.

Could be brilliant; could be a complete disaster. Let’s see how this one goes!

France is moving forward 🇫🇷

An announcement last week by the French prime minister, Jean Castex, has changed things up for most of the country. Social distancing requirements have been eliminated but masks must be worn at all times. The goal of this move is to restart the French economy. Several areas that have seen an increase in infections, such as Paris, Lyon and a few others, are exceptions and the existing measures are still in place. These updated requirements even apply to events (of up to 5.000 people). The only additional caveat is that people must be seated. Large events are still banned until November, but to be honest, even 5.000 seems like a lot to us right now.

And that’s a wrap. ✌️