Events are further away in England, Tour de France has it's champion, the Tennis Open (the European one this time) and you now have weekend plans

Well shucks.

Due to the resurgence of COVID in the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Tuesday that the October 1 return of conferences, exhibitions and large sporting events is no more and it will be at least another 6 months. Due to the partial return of fans to sporting events being put on hold, it’s possible many clubs may be forced out of business. The Premier League estimates a £100 million loss for each month stadiums remain empty.

Additionally, with the UK now at alert level 4, there is a 10pm curfew for all leisure, hospitality, tourism and entertainment businesses and people are being urged to work from home...again. Tuesday saw over 4,000 new cases which lead to the PM’s announcement. During his speech, he stressed the desire to avoid a total lockdown but stated these new restrictions could also be in place for at least 6 months if progress is not made with containing the virus.

3,483km 🗺️. 176 riders 🚴‍♂️. 1 champion 🏆.

The Tour de France wrapped up on Monday in Paris and Tadej Pogacar took his rightful (well...maybe) place on the podium. The 22 year old is suspected of doping because of his outstanding performance at such a young age but we digress. He is the youngest champion since 1904 (the race began only 1 year earlier in 1903).

Tennis anyone?

Originally set to take place in July, the Hamburg European Open had been postponed...for obvious reasons 😷... but is finally underway! The tournament goes until Sept 27 and up to 2,300 lucky fans will be able to stretch out in the 10,000 seat stadium to watch the matches. Five ‘Top Ten” players will be involved in the tournament with a total of 32 players, guaranteeing some damn good tennis.

Bonnaroo 👉  Virtual ROO-ALITY

Don’t have plans this weekend? Well, now you do. This weekend we can all tune into a live streaming of Virtual ROO-Ality; the 2020 version of the well known Bonnaroo festival. The free 3 day event will be available for everyone to watch on YouTube and will include a mix of new material as well as performances from the past. From Dave Matthews to Metallica and 33 other artists, whatever you’re into, the line up is star studded. And if music isn’t really your thing (🤨 ) classic Bonnaroo style, the event will also feature other segments like conversations about hot topics, shared recipes, campfire tales and an ode to Self Love.

We out ✌️.