Repurposed tour buses, Bundesliga begins tonight, no more concerts in north-east England and the nightlife in Tokyo is struggling

Is 2020 over yet?

As if the pandemic, fires raging in California, and riots weren’t enough, Mother Nature had to have her say. The state of Louisiana was ravaged by Hurricane Laura, a Category 4, in late August and it’s said to have been the worst hurricane to make landfall there in over 200 years.

What does this have to do with events? Glad you asked. An entire fleet of coach buses 🚍, typically used to transport rockstars like Dave Matthews and KISS, was dispatched to Louisiana following the storm. The repurposed tour buses are now providing workers attempting to restore Louisiana to its former glory with a place to call home. Pioneer Coach found a way to not only help out after the natural disaster, but this has allowed furloughed staff to return to work. While we certainly wouldn’t call this good news, had the pandemic not shut down life as we know it, these luxury accommodations on wheels would have been bursting with musicians and unable to come to the rescue. That’s a positive pivot if we’ve ever seen one.

Big News in Bavaria

We may not have Oktoberfest this year (which was officially supposed to start tomorrow...yes, we’re all still pretty disappointed) but fans of the Bundesliga are getting pumped up. FC Bayern will host Shalke tonight to kick off the 2020-21 season and here’s the best part, fans will once again be allowed inside Allianz Arena 🥳. Ghost games are over (for now)! Capacity for tonight’s match is only 10% but that’s 7,500 fans more than last match.

Just kidding. Following Wednesday evening’s announcement that spectators would be permitted to attend the match, the public health office of Munich decided on Thursday that was a no go. Originally, it was decided that it would be permitted to fill stadiums to 20% capacity as long as cases remained below 35 per 100,000. Munich was above that number at 45.54 but within the city itself the number of cases came in just under the threshold and the 10% compromise was made public. We were this close…

Well shucks…

We’re full of bad news today 😩. Remember that socially distanced concert at Virgin Money Unity Arena in Newcastle we talked about back in our first newsletter? Due to the new restrictions announced earlier this week in north-east England, all remaining concerts have been cancelled. Despite the success of the open air venue, the rise in infections in the area mean no more live music, outside or otherwise.

And the hits just keep on coming.

September 16 marked the first day nightlife businesses (bars, restaurants, karaoke bars 🎤) in Tokyo could remain open after 10pm. Back in June, restrictions were relaxed but only temporarily as the city saw a spike in cases immediately following the change. In an industry, in a town where things don’t even get started until around midnight, the 10pm curfew was especially devastating. So much so that many businesses ignored the request.

We know what you’re thinking, businesses are open, that’s good news isn’t it? Nope. Due to the lack of compliance, the Kabukicho district in particular has seen a significant rise in cases largely in the nightlife worker and customer communities and as a result people are staying away. As much as these restrictions and lockdowns are brutal to endure, it’s important to recognize that if we want life to return to normal, we need to take precautions.

On that note… stay safe out there. ✌️