Brexit is still happening, England is moving backwards, FC Copenhagen is breaking records (for ticket sales) and the NFL is back!

The Neverending (Brexit) Story

Remind me, what’s the deal? The UK's breakup with the EU is still expected to become official at the start of the new year and this separation will result in the elimination of free movement of people to and from the UK to mainland Europe (amongst other things).

UK Music, the organization that represents the commercial music industry, has voiced concerns about the additional hardship that will be placed on entertainment professionals and the like traveling to and from the UK with the changes to the immigration policies. Additionally, the changes will likely make it more difficult for industry professionals with EU citizenship to obtain the right to work within the UK and vice versa. Extra expenses and more time spent travelling will greatly affect the ability of these individuals to do their jobs effectively resulting in a negative impact on the music industry in the UK (and elsewhere...what would the world have done without the likes of the Beatles or worse, Adele!?). Lord Clement-Jones is the driving force behind an amendment to the bill with the intention of ensuring there are solutions in place to mitigate these potential problems once the changes take effect.

As if the live music industry doesn’t have enough to worry about amidst the seemingly endless timeout we’re currently experiencing, let’s add to that the uncertainty about what will happen when the UK leaves the EU. 🤯

One step forward...two steps back.

8.396 new COVID cases were reported between Sunday and Tuesday which prompted the government to announce that gatherings of more than six people...inside, outside, anywhere...are illegal in England as of September 14. Exceptions to the new law include workplaces 💼 and schools 🎒, weddings, funerals and sports.

The magic number has been 6 in England for some time now; however, until the law takes effect on Monday, any number of people can gather indoors or outdoors as long as they come from a maximum of two households. Currently, 6 people from different households can meet up outdoors. The new rule is supposed to simplify things for the public and make it easier for everyone to comply. And to be fair, it does make things simpler...6 people max, no matter who or where you are. Done.

This step backwards does make it difficult to imagine when events (besides the aforementioned exceptions) will be able to take place again. There is speculation this will still be the law come Christmas, which is still a few months away and doesn’t bode well for our high hopes that events would return early in 2021.

Revenge attendance will definitely be a thing (in Denmark at least).

Despite the fact that a decision on the number of spectators allowed to attend FC Copenhagen matches at Telia Park for the 20-21 season has not been reached, football fans have spoken. While previous years took north of 6 months to sell 12.500 tickets, the club had already sold a record breaking number of season tickets 🎟 with 23 days still to go until the first match. However, due to the as yet undetermined capacity limitations, some fans who hold season tickets will not actually be permitted to attend each of the matches. The stadium maxes out at 38.065 people but with hygiene requirements and social distancing, that number will be significantly lower this year.

Denmark still has a ban in place on gatherings larger than 500 people but the league was exempted toward the end of the 19-20 season after successfully implementing hygiene measures to mitigate the spread of COVID 19. Ultimately, the plan broke the stadium down into 500 person sections each with their own entrance, toilet facilities and refreshment stalls.  The stadium was able to safely accommodate 10.500 fans.

The NFL has returned. 🏈

Yesterday marks the first day of the 2020-2021 NFL season. As with everything else this year, football in the States will also look different. With each state regulating its own COVID guidelines, this means that each stadium hosting NFL games will also have different guidelines. What a mess! Some teams have elected to play games behind closed doors while others have implemented new hygiene requirements that allow some lucky fans to watch the action live. To make things even more complicated, stadiums are likely to review and revise capacity limitations on a regular basis.

On a different note, the NFL season opener between the Houston Texans and the Kansas City Chiefs was a stage for the Black Lives Matter movement and was ripe with controversy. The National Anthem was a pre-recorded video where the singers were wearing shirts that paid homage to 2 victims of police brutality and racial injustice. The Texans left the field during both the National Anthem and the Black national anthem. Both teams made their way to the center of the field and linked arms prior to kick-off in a “Moment of Unity”. And some of the 17,000 fans that attended the game may have booed. It’s going to be an interesting season.