15 minute tests, Florida is at it again (thanks to the Stanley Cup final), there's a marathon in London and festivals are forging ahead

15 minute tests? ⏱️

The Austria Center Vienna, the largest conference center in Austria and home to a variety of large scale events, is trialing a “rapid testing technique” that if successful, will return COVID test results in under 15 minutes. This would allow event attendees to take a test upon arrival and once a negative test result is received, be admitted to the venue. The test itself doesn’t require any analysis by a laboratory and will be performed on 3,000 Vienna University of Economics and Business students. Researchers hope to determine if this is a viable solution, both logistically and financially, to help restart the large scale events industry. No mention of the accuracy of the test, but if it works, this is some very promising news for the entire event industry.

There can only be one 🏆

The Stanley Cup champs were crowned Monday night in Edmonton, and the Tampa Bay Lightning skated away with their second in franchise history. The best of 7 series was nothing short of exciting and even included a couple of overtime nail biters. The Lightning came out on top and finished strong with a shutout game, blanking the Dallas Stars 2-0.

The teams have been in an NHL bubble in Toronto and Edmonton (giving a whole new meaning to bubble hockey) and have been playing in empty arenas. Despite the lack of screaming fans to celebrate with, a championship is a championship. Spending the duration of the season in quarantine and being separated from family for several months was certainly a huge challenge but there’s no doubt that hoisting that cup made it all worth it for the Lightning (we know watching it never gets old). The NHL is the first North American professional sports league to name a champion since COVID ruined our lives.

But wait a minute...they did what!? For those of you non-hockey fanatics out there, following the championship game, you will typically see the championship team parading through their hometown and sharing an ice cold (😏) beer straight from the Stanley Cup...it is a cup after all. Well, this year was no different. Things started off alright with a socially distanced boat parade...then things got out of hand. A celebration event at the Raymond James Stadium with over 16,000 fans quickly escalated and resulted in person after person taking healthy gulps from the trophy. Great job, Florida. 🤦‍♀️

Run away, but we’re running in circles 🎶

The return of the 40th annual London Marathon on Sunday has runners from all over the world preparing in a “biosecure bubble” (we’ve got a feeling this will be yet another term we’re going to become sick of hearing) in a hotel outside of London. International athletes were given a special exemption to travel to London for the event including the defending champions from the men’s, women’s, and wheelchair races.

As with everything else in this sh*tshow of a year, it will look quite a bit different. The course itself has been revised to a 19.6 lap closed circuit route around St. James's Park. The event will consist of 4 elite races in total, including wheelchair, as well as 45.000 participants from all over the world taking part on their own. The BBC will air 8 hours of coverage so you can tune in from your couch if you’d rather watch than run.

Festivals are forging ahead 🤘

From music to comedy, festival organizers are coming up with innovative ways to be able to push forward with their fall schedules. We’ve already seen socially distanced seating and individual “pods” (or what they really are…pens) but we’d like to introduce you to the rotating stage. This Australian festival will have a capacity of 5,000 people which will be broken down into 4 sections of 1,250 people each. Western Australia, where the event is expected to take place on October 31, only has 4 confirmed COVID cases so they’re in pretty good shape to push forward with the show.

Until next week ✌️