Crowded Concerts in Germany, League Protests in the US, Grassroots Music Venues (finally) Receive Funding and A Nice Little Intercontinental Swim

Crowded Concerts in Germany...say what!? 🎤

The number of cases in Germany reached its highest level since April and people were attending concerts? That’s ludicrous, you might say. But, you’d be wrong. Restart-19 was a study conducted this past Saturday to investigate the risk of COVID-19 and the spreading potential and exposure risk for large indoor events.

Halle University in Leipzig put on the study which included around 1.500 healthy 18-50 year olds. 3 different concerts with varying levels of hygiene measures in place all occurred on the same day with Tim Bendzko performing. The first was business as usual, pre-2020 that is (with one exception: masks were required). The last was at half capacity with 1.5 meters between concert goers. And the second was somewhere in between the two.

The purpose of the study was to gain a better understanding of crowd behavior and determine what level of additional hygiene measures would be most effective at reducing risk while still allowing events to return. Was it perfect, certainly not, but any data collected that allows for the safe return of large scale events is okay by us!

In some not so great news…

Yet another police shooting of a Black man has rattled the United States (again) and prompted the NBA, WNBA, MLB, MLS and NHL to come to a halt as teams refused to play in protest of the racial injustice running rampant across the nation. The sports shutdown was instigated by the Milwaukee Bucks slated to play the Orlando Magic in the playoffs on Wednesday. There wasn’t a big show; the players merely stayed in the locker room and chose not to take the court. Following the cancellation of the matchup, the leagues announced the subsequent postponement of games across the country. #BlackLivesMatter

But let’s turn things back is Friday after all.

It seems the Red Alert campaign may have achieved its desired effect and gave the UK government the kick in the pants it desperately needed. 😏  While the Culture Recovery Fund was announced back in July and was said to include “struggling music venues”, we saw the UK government put their money where their mouth is earlier this week. £3.36 million (£1.1 million more than originally anticipated) of the £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund was dolled out to 135 music venues throughout England.

If you saw our update last week, you’ll know indoor music venues are officially allowed to start holding shows again, with socially distant audiences of course. Despite receiving the much needed relief, many venues will still not find it economically viable to operate under these circumstances. Even so, this is a great first step and we’re excited to start moving forward.

In your face, 2020.

You may have taken most of our sports, but you couldn’t take the 32nd annual Bosphorus Cross-Continental swimming competition which took place on Sunday in Istanbul. The only intercontinental swimming competition was originally planned for July 12 but had been postponed and was finally allowed to occur this past weekend. The four mile race is considered one of the best open water swimming contests in the world.

1765 swimmers hailing from 59 different countries swam 6.5 km of the Bosphorus sea from Istanbul’s Kanlica district on the Asian side, to the finish line in Kurucesme, on the European side. The competition, organised by the Turkish Olympic Committee, implemented some new restrictions such as mask requirements before and after the swim and prohibiting spectators but things went swimmingly. 🏊‍♂️

Until next week... ✌