Wuhan is back in the news, "Sail-in" is the new Drive-in, Live shows are a go but Karneval is likely a no

Are you for real!?

We really couldn't make this stuff up. Kicking off this week’s update with yet another 🤦‍♀️…

You may have heard of this town in China called Wuhan, a.k.a. the OG epicenter and the believed birthplace of the Coronavirus pandemic. Well, this past weekend thousands of people attended an electronic music festival at the Maya Beach Water Park in the Wuhan Happy Valley theme park where there was not a mask in sight and social distancing was non-existent.

The lockdown in Wuhan was lifted in the beginning of April and there hasn’t been a new case reported since the 6 cases that surfaced on May 12; however, even taking these facts into consideration, the lack of a vaccine makes this display of “strategic victory” over the Coronavirus incredibly irresponsible. It’s probably safe to say that the entire world is poised on the edge of their seats waiting to see how this one turns out. Stay tuned.

“Sail-in” Cinema ⛵…Where do we sign up?

With indoor theaters still closed, Yarn Park Lake in Tel Aviv became the go to place to catch a flick on the big screen. 70 pedal and row boats, spaced 2 meters apart of course, containing a total of 200 movie-goers gathered under the stars last night as a part of the test screening for Israel's very first floating cinema. The success of the maiden voyage means 2 films will be screened every evening from now until the end of August. “Jaws” anyone?

Live Indoor Performances Are a Go…for now

On Monday, England announced that live performances at indoor venues can go back on the calendar 📆. The original date to reopen venues was August 1; however, a spike in cases pushed the opening date back a few weeks. Culture Minister Oliver Dowden stated that things were now “under control” and voiced his support of restarting indoor events on Twitter.

There are obviously new changes that will come with reopening, like reduced capacity and social distancing, which could be financially unviable for some. There are also concerns regarding the logistical implementation and enforcement of socially distanced shows indoors. As you may have seen in our update last week, Newcastle has found a way to support this notion for outdoor gigs but indoor spaces bring about different challenges. We’re still probably a ways off from events going back to normal but this is certainly a step in the right direction and allows some event professionals to get back to work.

Germany’s Carnival Could Become Car-NO-val (shoutout to KK for that little gem)

With the recent rise in coronavirus cases across Germany (largely due to summer holiday-makers returning home🏖️), the upcoming Carnival season, which officially begins on November 11, is likely to be banned throughout the country. Generally, the Roman Catholic celebration, known as Fasching, which has become exceedingly popular with the non-religious sort as well, sees millions of people dressed in elaborate costumes coming together and attending parades and parties and culminates in a week of revelry leading up to Ash Wednesday. However, in these unusual circumstances, health Minister Jens Spahn doesn’t see the festivities going ahead.

The festivities in Cologne, the biggest of them all, usually attract visitors from all over the world. For many, the celebration holds a lot of meaning and although it is a very reasonable ban, Spahn expects to get some backlash following the imminent announcement.

Personally, we will miss the floats poking fun at international politics - oh boy would there be some great stuff to work with this year! But ultimately, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

That's all folks. See you next Friday! ✌️