Northern England's possible return to lockdown life, live music in London, #WeMakeEvents was at it again and Coachella 2021 may be postponed

No, you’re not having flashbacks.

Northern England could be on the verge of a return to lockdown life as pubs and restaurants may be required to close from Monday. The announcement is followed by Scotland’s decision to close pubs in the center of the country for a minimum of 16 days, while others will only be allowed to serve alcohol outside. There is discussion of a new tiered system which will consist of 3 different levels:

  • Tier 1: 10pm curfew and no more than 6 people can gather. 😐
  • Tier 2: 10pm curfew and no gathering with other households. 🙁
  • Tier 3: Complete shutdown of hospitality. 😩

Cases are continuing to rise in the north of the country which has prompted the government’s decision to implement additional regulations. Even the mightiest in the industry are already suffering with the imposed curfew and reverting to more strict regulations will likely decimate smaller operations. The lack of evidence that supports a 10pm curfew leading to decreased cases has sparked a lot of criticism and people are demanding proof.

Live music may be making a comeback in London.

The O2 Arena in London is scheduled to host its first live show in over 8 months on December 5. 4,700 fans of Squeeze will be able to attend the socially distanced show in the 20,000 capacity venue. The venue has taken an interesting approach to sanitization and has introduced electric foggers that will coat the room and all exposed surfaces with an anti-bacterial spray, just one of the additional hygiene measures put into place. Additionally, face coverings will be enforced at all times except when attendees are enjoying food or beverages from their assigned seats. The show will end by 10pm in accordance with the curfew currently in place. Still nearly 2 months away, we’ll keep our fingers crossed for this one. 🤞

🔴 ‘Red Alert - Stand as One’ 🔴

We’re a little late another installment of the #WeMakeEvents campaign, 2,350 locations in 25 different countries were lit up in red for a global day of action on the evening of September 30. The demonstration was in recognition of the over 30 million event professionals across the globe who have been left behind by their respective governments.

The ongoing campaign is an attempt to not only draw attention to the live event industry’s plight but to highlight the resiliency of the sector and the people that make it all happen. The goal is to get the government to implement an insurance scheme, support widespread testing for event attendees and reduce the VAT on tickets to promote attendance while in the meantime providing grants and developing a job support scheme for the supply chain.

Here we go again...

Don’t book your flights to California just yet; word on the street is that Coachella 2021 may be postponed from its currently scheduled mid-April dates until October of next year. The official decision is not expected until after the US Presidential election that will take place on November 3rd. The potential delay is going to make it very difficult for bands and artists 🎸 to commit to performing not only at Coachella but at other scheduled shows during the 2021 festival season. Hopefully the pandemic is under control by next summer, but possible travel restrictions and scheduling conflicts may bring about a whole new set of challenges for event organizers to overcome.

We out. ✌