Associations are banding together, England is (technically) ending lockdown and live events are returning (though we've said that before 🤭)

#ProjectRecovery 🏥

The Association of Event Organizers, the Event Service Suppliers Association and the Association of Event Venues have recently teamed up to create the #ProjectRecovery campaign and have officially announced their collective support for One Industry One Voice. As representatives of the exhibitions industry, the goal of the movement is to maintain communication and keep members apprised of the associations’ work to bring live events back safely and as soon as possible.

Mark your calendars...another campaign, #WeCreateExperiences, is launching on December 7th and being spearheaded by One Industry One Voice, “a coalition of events industry campaigns, associations and businesses, coming together to ensure strong alignment and more effective communication, championing awareness and financial support for the whole industry.”

From lockdown lite to...lockdown? 🔒

England announced a new 3 tiered system that will go into effect when the country comes out of lockdown next week. Hold your hoorays…most of the country will actually be seeing tighter restrictions under the new system (check out this map). The government has outlined specifics for each tier about the number of people and households allowed (or not allowed) to mix indoors and out but also has updated rules about hospitality.

Many bars, pubs and other nightlife venues will still cease to operate as alcohol can only be served with a meal in tier 2 and tier 3 establishments can only be open for takeaway, which is the majority of the country at present. Even those allowed to open are seeing a reduction in customers and the limit on alcohol sales makes it nearly impossible to operate. When we do come out on the other side of this thing, we may not see some of our favorite places reopen.

On a positive note, tiers 1 and 2 are allowing live events to begin to push forward, which brings us to…

Back to live 🏟️

Fans will be allowed to return to events beginning on December 2. Sporting events might have better luck with the new restrictions as tier 2 venues are being regulated similarly to bars and pubs and they’re only allowed to sell alcohol when combined with a substantial meal. Purchasing burgers and chips, meat pies or a heaping portion of nachos to accompany your beer is already a part of a successful game day at the stadium. Concerts on the other hand don’t have a reputation for being a “substantial meal” type of event (though, we’re not opposed to dining at the venue if it means we can go to live shows again 🧐 !).

There are only 3 regions that qualify for tier 1 which means they’re allowed to fill a venue to 50% capacity or 4000 people outside / 1000 inside, whichever is lower. Tier 2 shrinks the number of people allowed outside by half. Venues located in a tier 3 region can only host spectators in the drive-in fashion we’ve come to know and, not going to say love so let’s go with...tolerate.

With winter swiftly approaching, the number of outdoor events may not be overwhelming but the news is welcome regardless. Unfortunately, the Rugby Football League’s season wraps up today and won’t be able to take advantage of the new regulations but the Autumn Nations Cup Final on December 6 may see some spectators. Additionally, the Premiere League is ongoing and will start to see fans back in the seats for the first time since March.