The Miami Marlins take a progressive step, Ultra Music Festival takes place in Taiwan and Liverpool is piloting mass testing

Girl Power 💁‍♀️

Not exactly live event related news (at least not directly) but worth covering regardless so we’re kicking off this week’s update with some more awesome news. Major League Baseball is finally stepping into this century and the Miami Marlins have hired the league’s first female general manager.

Hardly her first position with the MLB, Kim Ng has spent her entire career shaking things up and making her way through the organization. From a lowly intern to the youngest assistant general manager to the first female GM, she is the embodiment of perseverance and strength to have succeeded in such a male dominated industry. A role model to young girls (and boys) everywhere, Ng has proven that gender is not an indication of talent or knowledge and that drive and determination will be rewarded.

With Derek Jeter as CEO, Caroline O’Connor as senior vice president and now Kim Ng as the GM, the Marlins have their sights on a championship. The 2021 season is a little over 5 months away (for those non-baseball fans out there, it officially begins on April 1) and with the future of...well, everything...still unknown it’s bound to be a challenging one. We’re looking forward to seeing what Ng can do.

Take me to Taiwan...🕺

...where things are pretty much back to normal. Last Saturday, the Ultra Music Festival, part of the Road to Ultra series, was permitted to take place in all it’s full-scale, festival glory. Complete with fireworks and at full capacity, the one-day festival saw over 10,000 fans enjoying the sweet Sweedish electronic sounds of legend, Alesso, among other international and local artists. Social distancing and masks were both a thing of the past and people were able to dance and sing until their voices were lost and their legs gave out. Dare to dream.

Taiwan has shown COVID who’s boss and hasn’t seen a new infection in over 7 months which is why the festival was allowed to take place in a pre-COVID fashion. The country was able to kick COVID’s butt by closing borders early and enforcing strict health and safety guidelines. (Rest of the world…take notes!). Even now, incoming foreign artists were required to quarantine and wear masks when gathering indoors - a few of the DJs received fines for violating these rules to prepare for the show. This just goes to show that with proper diligence, we can get past this pandemic and return to the live shows we are all yearning for.

Or maybe, Liverpool 🏇

The city has implemented an initiative to conduct testing on all residents in the hopes of being able to return to normal as soon as possible. Liverpool volunteered for the mass testing experiment in hopes of being able to host the Grand National and the Rugby League World Cup, among other live events. As of last week Thursday, 90,000 people had been tested and the local government believes this is the way to get back to live.