Optimism from the top health expert in the US leads to the announcement of official dates for several major events

“If everything goes right, this will occur some time in the fall of 2021, so that by the time we get to the early to mid-fall, you can have people feeling safe performing onstage as well as people in the audience … I think you can then start getting back to almost full capacity of seating.” - Dr. Anthony Fauci

This statement made by the US heath expert over the weekend has given event organizers the confidence needed to begin planning for the coming year. Many events that ordinarily take place during the first half of the year are being pushed to later dates to give them the best chance of success, but they are being planned nonetheless. Major events such as the Governors Ball and Bonnaroo, which traditionally take place in June, have announced dates in September and shows such as Riot Fest and Outside Lands are pushing forward with their regularly scheduled Q3 dates.

This narrative is similar around the world so while we may be experiencing a slow start, we can expect the fall of 2021 to be packed with more shows and festivals than our calendars could possibly allow.

Yet another experiment finds that attending live concerts (with precautions) does not lead to increased risk of contracting COVID

“With a checkerboard distribution of the guests and 100 percent full load of the ventilation system, the risk of infection is very low. The wearing of mouth and nose protection in the hall is an advantage, although not as important as previously assumed.” - Dr. Raphael von Hoensbroech

Germany has been at it again, conducting more experiments to prove that live events are possible with appropriate precautions. According to the study conducted at the Konzerthaus Dortmund, the usage of masks and proper ventilation all but eliminate the risk of COVID transmission in concert venues. Due to the nature of concert halls, i.e. they’re large and high ceilinged, even a full capacity show would be relatively unrisky as airborne particles are rapidly diluted in this type of space. The possibility of exposure would be greater in hallways, restrooms and other parts of the venue where ventilation is different; however, other measures, such as opening doors to enhance airflow, can be taken to reduce the risk in these areas as well.

Science FTW.

The break-up is official and everyone’s calling for mom and dad to get along for the sake of the kids

After years of will they or won't they, the UK did indeed leave the EU as promised on January 1 and now comes the logistical nightmare. The free movement of people from the UK to the continent is no more which makes things exceedingly more difficult for touring musicians and crew to make their UK stops. Both governments have been called upon to reach an agreement that will continue to allow the exchange of culture without the additional bureaucracy that has come along with the break-up. One potential agreement was already shot down that would have allowed for stays abroad for up to 90 days without a visa. Boris has agreed to a sit down to discuss the situation further so here’s hoping for a solution soon.