The next hurdle for vaccines is distribution, film festivals are going forward and Stagehand announced an #ILoveLive campaign

Who gets it and when? 💉

Vaccine news is still front page, only now it has shifted from effectiveness percentages and storage temperatures to approvals (which has already occurred in the UK) and distribution. With significant authority regarding crowd management and pop-up structure logistics, festival organizers in Belgium have volunteered their teams and services to help support the government in this daunting mission. Similarly, in Germany and the UK, stadiums and other event venues are offering up their sites as vaccination centers. Not only do event professionals have the expertise necessary to build sites so as not to overwhelm medical facilities and experience managing hordes of people but they’re eager to get back to work. Helping with the distribution of the vaccine allows the events industry to put their well-honed skills (and empty venues) to good use and begin preparing for the return of live events.

And action. 🎬

This year’s Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival wrapped up over the weekend. The 18 day festival included 646 live screenings with additional taking place online. Masks were required inside at all times, including for the duration of any screenings, and the government imposed caps on the number of people allowed to attend each event. The situation was evaluated at the beginning of each day to confirm it was safe to proceed as the cases in Estonia have been on the rise of late.

In other film festival news, the Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF) finally began this week after being postponed for 2 weeks. Other film festivals that took place in Toronto, Venice, and San Sebastian set the stage and the success of these festivals encouraged CIFF’s president, Mohamend Hefzy, to give the green light. As with everything these days, social distancing and masks are obligatory but additionally, temperature checks and regular monitoring of staff and attendees will be implemented to ensure the safety of all involved.

#ILoveLive 🖤

Stagehand, a fund that provides support to live production staff and stage crews, is raising money by raffling off memorabilia from artists such as Eric Clapton (signed guitar) and Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine (hand-written lyrics). People can purchase tickets for their preferred memorabilia until the 17th of December for £5 a pop. Also available for purchase are music shots donated by various professional photographers and photos of legendary artists with all proceeds going toward the £1 million goal.

Those that have thus far been ineligible for government support or have received minimal assistance during the pandemic can submit applications until noon on the 21st of December.