The health and safety of fans is (and always has been) the number one priority when organizing any type of large scale entertainment event. But, while the focus on keeping attendees and staff safe certainly isn't a COVID development, it is why entry requirements and health checks have been a hot topic for over a year now (we're not crying, you're crying).

Event professionals around the world have spent months working with local health experts and government authorities to develop solutions that will allow events to return to their former glory as soon as possible. Ranging from health passports to on-site testing, there is no one size fits all solution and what works best for you will likely require a bit of trial and error – this is unfamiliar territory after all.

Testing, Testing, Testing…

Onsite rapid antigen testing has been the hot topic for smaller venues and has proven to work for larger scale events. Test results are ready to go in 15 minutes. However, the accumulated time it takes to test everyone and wait for their results can be problematic when attempting to avoid close contact and large groups. Assigning arrival times and/or ensuring groups are entering via multiple entrances are possible solutions to reduce the risk of contact.

Thermal Scanning: All Clear!

High temperatures are a symptom for COVID-19 and although it may seem like relatively minor symptom and can be indicative of any number of illnesses, allowing someone with a fever into your venue has the potential to jeopardize your entire event. This is why thermal cameras have quickly become a part of the new normal.

Vaccinated? Prove it!

The health passport is all the rage. What was once an idea of an international passport containing all your updated medical information is now reality. Clear came up with their touchless Health Pass that not only works for identification, but also connects the individuals personal health care accounts providing proof of COVID vaccination.

Then there's this...

a Walk Through Disinfection Machine. We're not sure how we feel about a walk through sanitizer but, in theory, it may be an effective way to combat multiple risks with minimal burden on staff and attendees.

How it works:

  1. A guest enters the booth and the built in motion sensor and camera will detect them and spray them with a sanitizing solution. (Which we hope is safe for the person as well as the environment).
  2. It then checks for temperature and face masks. (No concerns here.)
  3. Failing the screening means a red light will appear and an alarm will sound. (Could lead to a bit of panic...)
  4. As the guest exits the booth a shoe disinfectant is available, as well as sanitizing gel dispenser.  (Not sure how necessary a shoe disinfectant is but sure, safety first.)

Since the COVID outbreak there has been a heightened focus on public health and understanding what your options are will hopefully help you find the one that works best for you.