Bonnaroo was canceled, but not for the reason you think | Summerfest in the Midwest | Free Burn is expected to be a hotspot for Labor Day weekend

Bonnaroo was canceled, but not for the reason you think

In yet another blow to the events industry, Bonnaroo was forced to cancel because of heavy rains that have resulted in flooding and unsafe conditions. Hurricane Ida hit the coast earlier this week and the effects have reached far and wide. With sunshine and temperatures in the 80s expected this weekend, it’s an especially bitter pill to swallow.

Bonnaroo Canceled

Organizers cited that preparations had to be halted due to the unprecedented level of rainfall (hmm...wonder if there’s a company that could have helped in this situation 🤔). Bonnaroo is typically held in June, and is expected to again in 2022. The rescheduled September dates presented a different level of risk which was unanticipated at this time of year.

In more positive news, the cancellation announcement that hit social media on August 31st prompted the creation of “The Other Fest.” Many of the performers that were expected to take the stage at Bonnaroo will now be performing at one of two locations near the Farm. The Bonnaroo promoters also announced a show at Ascend Amphitheater that will take place on September 4. Generally, festivals take months (sometimes years) to plan, but when you already have the talent and the audience, it appears things can come together rather quickly.

Summerfest in the Midwest

Summer may be winding down, but on the shores of Lake Michigan, it’s just getting into full swing. Milwaukee’s Summerfest kicked off yesterday and will continue for the next three weekends. Over 800 artists from all different genres will perform across 12 different stages. This is the first year that the festival will span 3 weekends.


In order to gain entry to the festival, attendees are required to show a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours or proof of vaccination, which has become standard practice around the world. Testing is available on site for a cost to make it even more convenient. In slightly varied rules, children between the ages of 2-11 are required to mask up while attending the festival, whereas adults need only don their mouth coverings while inside. Protection of this age group is crucial as they are not yet eligible to receive vaccinations.

Free Burn is expected to be a hotspot for Labor Day weekend

“Renegade Man / Plan B / Free Burn” is currently underway in the Black Rock Desert, home to Burning Man. Down from the usual 70,000 person festival, it’s expected that 10,000 Burners will show up despite the fact that this year’s installation was canceled back in April. Known for burning an effigy of a giant man (hence Burning Man), the Bureau of Land Management has placed restrictions on what can be set on fire, which limits this year’s pyrotechnics to campfires.

man standing at fence of burning man

Since the unofficial festival is really not a festival at all, none of the comforts of previous years (i.e. porta-potties, emergency services, water) will be available to those that decide to make the trek to the desert. Essentially, it’s a bunch of groups of people camping near one another in a very hot, very smoky (thanks to the nearby wildfires) destination. However, art and music certainly won’t be in short supply.