The Olympics are back in the news | Festivals vs. Concerts | Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas

The Olympics are back in the news

It feels like we just stopped talking about the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (oh wait, we did). This time, we’re referring to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. October 25th marked the 100 days-to-go mark until the lighting of the olympic torch in Beijing. The Games will take place from February 4 - 20, 2022.

The national Stadium (AKA Bird's Nest)

It’s expected for the games to take place using a “closed-loop management system”. Athletes and their teams will only be allowed to travel between the olympic facilities, specified areas for meals and their accommodations using a dedicated transportation system. All participants are required to be fully vaccinated or submit to a 21 day quarantine upon arrival in China. Spectators will be allowed, but tickets are only available to residents of China. No exceptions are planned for friends and family of olympians.

But, it wouldn’t be the Olympics if there wasn’t a bit of controversy. Many activists are making noise in support of a boycott of the Games due to accusations of human-rights violations. In addition, the International Campaign for Tibet is calling for a diplomatic boycott of the games. Boston Celtics player Enes Kanter took to the big screen to call attention to the political situation in Tibet resulting in China’s decision to pull the Boston Celtics games from live-streaming broadcast, illustrating the organization’s claim that “the country is the wrong choice to host the Olympics”.

Festivals > Concerts

It shouldn’t come as a shock that outdoor music festivals have seen significantly higher attendance rates than indoor concerts over the last few months. Health professionals have repeatedly advocated for open-air events over enclosed venues to help prevent the spread of COVID. Not to mention, the vaccination requirements adopted by venues across the US, like those owned and operated by AEG Presents.

fans at outdoor music festival

Another theory behind the popularity of festivals over concerts is fans taking a more bang for your buck approach. Why buy tickets to a standard tour when you can spend a similar amount and see more than one of your favorite bands, all in a single weekend? Having been deprived of live entertainment for going on two years, fans are looking to make the most of their live experiences and opting for more variety.

Promoters are also reaping the benefits of the lean toward festivals with less risk of reduced attendance or cancellations if an artist backs out. While it may result in some disappointment if organizers are forced to call an audible and replace a headliner, it’s unlikely a large number of fans will decide not to turn up or request a refund since there’s typically more on offer than just one main performer.

Post-pandemic, will we continue to see a shift toward festivals over headline tours?

Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas

EDC Las Vegas finally went down last weekend. Hundreds of thousands of people showed up to dance their @sses off for 3 days at the cooler, albeit still hot, Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

EDC Las Vegas 2021 sign

Insomniac opted to forgo AC units in the tents this year because of the anticipated lower temperatures, much to the dismay of campers. While this decision was a major win for the environment and has some people applauding the choice, others were miffed about not receiving something they “paid for”. After a large number of complaints, a text message was sent to all campers giving them the opportunity to get a refund but to be ready to vacate the site immediately. Surging Uber prices left a lot with no real choice but to endure the heat. On top of the missing AC units, damage to a water main meant there was no running water for a brief period.

Despite getting off to a rocky start, the festival returned bigger and better than ever before. Tickets for EDC Las Vegas 2022 which will go back to normal and take place May 20 - 22, 2022 go on sale today at 12:00pm PT. Get yours.