Stuart Moffat

Stuart Moffat

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  • London
Business Analyst and Insurance Guru

Event Insurance

With the return of events, you’re going to have even more to do, less time to do it and fewer resources make it all happen.

Event Insurance | Embedded and IaaS (Insurance as a Service)

Chapter 3: Embedded insurance is step one. Insurance as a service is the entire roadmap.

Event Insurance | Parametrics

Chapter 2: Data driven claims; welcome to the future

Event Insurance | Data

Chapter 1: How leveraging data is revolutionizing the insurance industry and what it means for event organizers

The Insurance Industry Overview

2020’s impact on the events & insurance industries and what to expect for the rest of 20212020 was a hell of a year. Everything in our lives was turned upside down from our jobs to our shopping habits, our social calendars to our accessories and everything in between. Entire

Event Cancellation Insurance | The COVID Effect

Bad weather, performer complications, technical issues…there are any number of unforeseen circumstances that could result in the cancellation of an event.
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