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Kelsey Kappel

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Grassroots Venues | The importance of their survival

Grassroots venues are fundamental to the entertainment industry ecosystem and one simply cannot exist without the other.

UK prepares for testing large events | Eurovision 2021 | Some US venues allowed to reopen

The UK is trialing a swath of large events | Eurovision with a live audience | Venues across the US are slowly reopening their doors

Keep on Rockin' in a Green World | Festival sustainability

Festival sustainability is becoming more of a trend that has been changing the festival scene altogether, and it is clear that event managers are becoming more proactive.

As events return some are finding ways to be as safe as possible while others could care less

After months of treating “night club” like a dirty word Boris Johnson makes a statement, Daytona 500 hosts fans for a “Party in a Pandemic” and NYC stadiums will welcome fans back beginning next week

Back to Live | How the world of events will change in 2021

Discussions around the logistics of operations at event facilities are essential for a safe comeback and new recovery strategies are needed for the shows to go on.

Pain-Free Tips to Organize Your Events

Planning an event can be stressful - there are so many moving parts to keep an eye on and you might feel like you need a double to stay on top of everything.

Industry Update | November 6

Singapore reopens indoor venues, bubble concerts could be blowing up and the UK raves on.
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