Kelsey Kappel

Kelsey Kappel

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DC Peaks 50 race | Tesla rave | Indigenous Peoples Day

Ultramarathon turns into rescue mission | Tesla factory throws its own rave | Nationwide Indigenous Peoples Day celebrations

Lost Lands Festival | Global Citizen Concert | UK Grassroots Venues in Debt

Cue EDM Jurassic Park theme | Global concert rocks the world | Grassroots venues not out of the woods

Music Industry Going Green | State Fair of Texas | Life is Beautiful

Carbon free future for live events | Big Tex is back | Lights shine bright in Vegas

TN benefit concerts | EDM festival in Canada | BottleRock weekend

Country stars throw flood relief concerts | Canadians gather for EDM festival | BottleRock pops off in Napa

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

In Canada, sporting events and some concerts are making a return, but they are still far from being back to normal.

Live from the Euro 2020 Championship Finals

“When I actually arrived at Wembley stadium I was like 'wow this is happening!'”

WOMAD a No-Go | Smile Nation in Slovenia | California Venues Grant Program

More UK festivals pull the plug | Slovenia hosts its first major festival | Relief package for Californian venues
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