Astroworld mega lawsuit | WonderRoad to launch in Indy | Europe is bracing for the Omicron variant

Astroworld mega lawsuit

The tragedy at Astroworld is still making headlines. We’re pretty sure you’ve heard about it, but just in case you haven’t, on November 5th, what was supposed to be a fun-filled day of music turned disastrous. Fans rushing the stage during Travis Scott’s performance led to a crowd crush that killed 10 and injured hundreds. If you want a full recap of the events from a concertgoer, you can check out the interview here.

memorial for victims of Astroworld Festival

Now, Travis Scott is being sued for $10 billion. More than 1500 people are seeking retribution which makes this the largest lawsuit to date. In addition to the damages, the firm representing those involved in the tragedy is hoping for legislation to be enacted that requires training programs for event staff, event certification by crowd control specialists and criminal liability in the event something goes wrong. This is just one, albeit the largest, of the 140 lawsuits that have been filed.

Travis Scott spoke publicly for the first time since the tragedy earlier this week and maintains he had no idea what was happening in the crowd. From a legal standpoint, he has denied all responsibility.

2022…the year of festivals

In partnership with independent promoter MOKB Presents, Elevation is adding a new festival to their repertoire. Producers of WonderStruck (Cleveland) and WonderBus (Cincinnati) will be heading to Indianapolis in 2022 with WonderRoad. The first installment of the 15,000 person, two-day music festival will take place on June 11-12, 2022 at Garfield Park. Tickets go on sale today.

Indianapolis, Indiana cityscape

While many of the bands will fall into the alternative category with Vampire Weekend headlining and bands like Chvrches and Bastille rounding out the bill, the festival is expected to be very diverse and also include representation from the EDM, metal, hip-hop and folk genres. In addition, some local bands will be taking the stage, bringing the grand total to 28 acts across three stages.

A number of other summer festivals have also recently announced lineups with tickets going on sale within the next few days, including Hangout Music Festival in Alabama, Electric Forest in Michigan and ACL Fest in Texas, to name a few.


Europe is beginning to see more and more closures and cancellations in hopes of combating the Omicron variant as we head into the heart of the holiday season.

Closed until further notice.. COVID-19 sign
  • England is putting Plan B into action. People are encouraged to work from home where possible, face masks will be mandatory when indoors and the NHS COVID Pass (proof of vaccination or negative test) may become mandatory to gain entrance to clubs and live events.
  • Germany & Italy have essentially locked down all unvaccinated persons. Strict restrictions have been implemented for those that are still unvaccinated including no admittance to restaurants & bars, theaters, sporting events or live music venues, among other entertainment venues.
  • France has closed nightclubs for at least 4 weeks. The government has encouraged people to work from home and to cancel large holiday parties but has not gone so far as to issue mandates. Children, however, will be required to social distance and wear masks in school.

Many in the US are wondering if and when it will be necessary to implement similar measures across the country. Despite concerns, there don’t appear to be any whispers of national shutdowns as President Biden is more focused on vaccines and testing. While no one is ruling out the challenges that will be faced if another shutdown is necessary, the larger concern at this point in time is surrounding international touring in 2022 and how Europe’s restrictions will impact the ability of bands to travel.

“It’s been very tricky for our international acts. We have a lot of tours planned for next year, and we don’t know if they’ll happen. So, we’re just waiting and hoping.” - Dave Shapiro, Co-Founder of Sound Talent Group.