Forget about all the paperwork. Stop all the back and forth between brokers. And say goodbye to long turnaround times. Filing an event cancellation insurance application with eve is as simple and straightforward as it gets. We know how tedious insurance can be so we created a way to make getting a policy for your event one of the least stressful tasks on your to-do list. With eveInsured, your event can be insured in as little as 72 hours. “How” you ask? Check out our simplified insurance process and get your coverage in 5 easy steps!

1. Fill out the online application (it only takes 15 minutes).
You can access the application on our website or directly within the eve platform.

2. Wait for your quote (it will be in your inbox in 72 hours or less).
The eve team will confirm receipt and begin reviewing your application.

3. Accept your quote (this can be done online via the eve app).
From here on out, your event will be completely covered! (Need more time? You can even extend your deadline and give yourself a few more days to decide.).

4. Review your policy documents (everything you need is available within the eve app).
Policies are issued by IFC, an Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty Company. If you have questions about your documents (or you just want to chat), we can connect with you right in the platform!

5. Complete your payment
Your policy is already active, but don’t forget to submit your payment!

First things first

You can find our online application directly on our website (here) or in the eve platform (you can sign up for free here). No need to sign up first; once you submit your application, you’ll automatically gain access to everything eve has to offer. Submitting your application should only take about 15 minutes of your time. These questions cover personal contact details, company information and event specific (and relevant – no we don’t need to know how many toilets you plan to have) data.

Application submitted

Once you hit that submit button, eve is immediately notified and your hard work is done. You can log into your eve account to track the status within the platform as soon as your application is sent. Our team will review the application and determine your eligibility for eveInsured.

If the application ticks all the boxes and is accepted, it will be passed along to our underwriting partner. Based on your event’s date, location, your previous experience and a few other things, the insurance team will be able to determine a quote that accurately reflects the potential risk of a cancellation.

Under certain circumstances, we might not be able to cover your event:

  • Your event takes place <14 days from the date of submission.
  • We do not yet offer insurance in your state. You can see the list of states we’re licensed in here. We’re always working on expanding our coverage so be sure to check back regularly.
  • We do not offer the type of insurance you are requesting…yet. We currently offer event cancellation insurance including adverse weather.

Whatever the reason, an eve representative will reach out to you to explain why we cannot offer insurance coverage this time around. We will always be willing to discuss how we can help for any other upcoming events you have scheduled.

A quote fit for your event

In less than 72 hours (in most cases), you will receive a notification that your quote is available for download. After one week, your quote will expire; however, you do have an option to extend your deadline if you need a little more time to consider. A week may not seem like long, but due to the ever changing nature of live events, even a week could ultimately change the level of risk associated with your event. But, as long as you’ve planned ahead (which we certainly hope you have) and your event is more than 14 days away, you can always reapply. Don’t worry, we’ll be sending reminders before your quote officially expires! Once you’re ready to get your coverage, just hit the button to accept your quote and rest easy knowing you’ve made the right choice to protect your event.

You’re not quite done

We know how gratifying it is to cross items off your to-do list, but in this case, there’s one more thing before you grab your pen. Hopefully you did your homework and reviewed our sample policy before clicking accept, but even so, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with your specific insurance offering. Your documents will be available on the eve platform so you can easily access them whenever you need them. Understanding exactly what your insurance policy does and does not cover puts you in the best position possible to make the right decisions regarding your event.

The final step

You’ve completed the application, accepted your quote (read: secured your coverage) and reviewed your documents, what else is there? Unfortunately, insurance comes at a cost but don’t worry, you have some time before payment is required. We know events often run on tight margins so should you wish to pay at a later date, that’s no problem - you’ll be notified how long you have to complete your payment. (eve accepts all major credit cards).

Coverage ✅

And just like that, your event cancellation insurance application is done. Within 72 hours, this entire process can be completed and you’ll have more time to focus on other tasks. We’ll be there every step of the way and are available to help answer any questions leading up to (and even during) your event.

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